Murdoch Mysteries

Sherlock Holmes

Andrew appears as Sherlock Holmes in season 6 episode 4 and season 7 episode 4 of Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian detective drama set at the turn of the 19th Century.


UK air date for series 7

Short clip and interview

Making The Return of Sherlock

First official image from season 7

Season 7 plot point revealed

New season 7 images and Canadian air date

Murdoch Mysteries gallery

Season 7 images of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes to appear in season 7?

Short clip uploaded by Alibi Channel

First images of Andrew as Sherlock Holmes

Murdoch Mysteries episode synopsis

Andrew’s Murdoch Mysteries episode confirmed

Murdoch Mysteries season 6 UK air date

Murdoch Mysteries season 6 air date

Murdoch Mysteries Season 6 preview

Murdoch Mysteries to air on CBC in January 2013

Misfits, The Borgias and Murdoch Mysteries in production


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