Andrew is the singer in a Liverpool band called Emerson, understandably they haven’t produced any new music for a while but you can still hear a few tracks on their MySpace page and also watch some live videos on their YouTube channel. There are also 6 tracks on the Showcase Your Music website. In the summer of 2012, Michael Emmerson released Emerson track Back to You as a solo single.

From their MySpace biography:

Emerson are a five piece band from Warrington whose music has been compared to the likes of Coldplay, The Fray, One Republic and The Script. The band aspire to blend all of their musical influences into one creating their own sound. This is a new and vibrant sound blending meaningful lyrics with catchy melodies and anthemic choruses.

Here’s the live video for Back to You:

Let’s hope Andrew finds some time to record some new tracks soon – and perhaps release an album?!

Andrew also sang live at BBC Three’s production of Frankenstein’s Wedding and you can hear his renditions of Wires and Make This Go On Forever over at the Frankenstein’s Wedding page.


Andrew to perform with Michael Emmerson

Michael Emmerson interviews

Emerson’s YouTube channel

Emerson’s MySpace page

Emerson gallery


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