The Diary of a Nobody

Andrew recently provided the voice of William in The Diary of a Nobody on BBC Radio 4. Other cast members included The IT Crowd’s Katherine Parkinson and comedian Johnny Vegas. Unfortunately the Radio 4 listen again link has now expired. In its absence, you could read all about the story on Wikipedia.

You can read more about the programme, which was part of the Classic Serial season, over at the BBC Radio 4 website.

Full cast:

Charles Pooter …… Johnny Vegas
Carrie Pooter …… Katherine Parkinson
William / Lupin …… Andrew Gower
Sarah ……. Sinead Matthews
Cummings (and Horwin) …… Adrian Scarborough
Gowing (and Borset) ……. Stephen Critchlow
Farmerson …… Joe Ransom
Trillip …… Adam Gillen
Daisy Mutlar …… Sarah Sweeney


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